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AMM Christmas Drive

We are going to offer any business owners who sponsor a child from our Christmas program two free opportunities to advertise directly on the page at any time of their choice between now and next year. But you must sponsor and deliver the presents to a designated storage unit for the child you sponsored before you can post your ads. Any member can sponsor a child from our program.


Applications will be open between October 23 - November 14, 2023.

Due to high demand, the Christmas Assistance application is now CLOSED. 

We will have sponsorship information available for all kiddos by November 19, 2023.


We have assisted over 100 children per year on average. The program is similar to Angel Tree.


Members will be able to choose a child to sponsor by choosing their “card”. The cap on spending for these gifts is $150. Mostly because we need siblings to have similar/equal amounts/values of gifts. If you are a business owner and are interested in this opportunity, please send an email to or private message Felicia Brantner via Facebook, and we can give you an (anonymous) preview of the children available for sponsorship. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for your consideration of these children. You’re going to love hearing their stories and being a part of a true and immediate community-based charity action. It is truly awesome. Looking forward to hearing from you all! 

Any donations will be due on December 9 or 10, 2023.

Due to overwhelming community needs, we can only commit to assisting the same family once for Christmas Donations.

For other resources in the area, please check out the links below.  Many of these programs have due dates for application in September, so don't delay in applying if you are in need! 






Apply Here
Christmas Assistance

**1 application per child**

Thanks for submitting! We are accepting applications until November 17, 2023. We will be notifying families between November 18 - November 21, 2023.

This form no longer accepts submissions.

AMM Pineapple Pantry



AMM is committed to assisting our members with food assistance through the Pineapple Pantry.  Throughout our history, we have served hundreds of local families when needs have arisen. Our service area is throughout Central Virginia.

To qualify: you must be an active member of our online community, you must currently reside in Central Virginia, you may not have received assistance from Midlothian Moms in the past 12 months, and you must complete an application form that we send you.

Please email with the subject line: Pineapple Pantry for an application.

Due to overwhelming community needs, we can only commit to assisting the same family once every 12 months.

For other local resources, you can call 211 at anytime.  This is an awesome resource for utility, clothing, housing, food, etc assistance:  


General Services: 

Health Services:

Food pantries: 


Bon Air:


Chesterfield Food Bank:

Pineapple Pantry

Apply Here for Assistance

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Thanks for submitting!

This form no longer accepts submissions.

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