AMM Annual Christmas Drive

We are going to offer any business owners who adopt a child from our Christmas program two free opportunities to advertise directly on the page at any time of their choice between now and New Years. But you must adopt and deliver the presents to my home for the child you adopted before you can post your ads. Now, any member can adopt a child from our program but I just wanted to be clear as to why I am not doing a milestone member giveaway this time. As soon as I am able, (hoping by December 1st).

We will have adoption information available for all kiddos and if not, you all will just get whatever info I have for now.

We have 34 children so far... each with truly incredible, heart wrenching stories that have all contacted me via friends and family or via social worker and case manager/teacher referrals. ALSO, as indicated above, we will be doing this differently this year. In a bit more organized fashion, that is. It will be similar to Angel Tree.

Members will be able to choose a child to adopt by choosing their “card”. I still have to tweak exactly how this is going to look for us, but that is the gist for now until I have all the info on these kiddos. The cap on spending for these gifts is $150. Mostly because we need siblings to have similar/equal amounts/values of gifts. Sooooo, if you are a business owner and are interested in this opportunity, please PM me and I can give you an (anonymous) preview of the children available for adoption. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for your consideration of these children. You’re going to love hearing their stories and being a part of a true and immediate community-based charity action. It is truly awesome. Looking forward to hearing from you all!